Enjoy Your Piano Again
Enjoy Your Piano Again

"Voicing was meant to be this easy!"

Most technicians waste time moving small voicing blocks down the action when shaping and voicing the entire piano. The Big Red Voicing Stick allows you to completely focus on providing consistent results for your clients.


Available exclusively on Pro Piano Technician.

Don't settle for an average voicing experience

that eats up your time and cuts into your profit. Order today to take your voicing to the next level.


  • Assorted hardwoods used.

          - Ash

          - Black Oak

          - Eucalyptus

          - Hard Maple

          - Hickory

          - Red Oak

          - Walnut

          - White Oak

"The Big Red Voicing Stick, or Big Red as I call it, is a valuable tool for any technician. It speeds up the process of shaping and/or voicing. Simple and effective. My kind of tool." - Phil Bondi, RPT, Bonita Springs, FL

"I love that I almost forget the Big Red Voicing Stick is there when I am using it because I'm 100% focused on voicing."  -Timothy Barnes, RPT, Charlotte, NC

"The Big Red Voicing Stick saves me a tremendous amount of time reshaping and needling hammers. I carry it with me wherever I go!" - Joshua Ello, RPT, Houston, TX

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