Enjoy Your Piano Again
Enjoy Your Piano Again

The Piano Lifesaver System®


The Piano Life Saver® is a piano humidity control system. It helps your piano stay in tune longer and prevents damage from changing climate factors and environmental effects, giving you professional, performance-level tonal quality and keyboard control.


Along with major piano manufacturers, we recommend installing the Piano Life Saver System® to keep your piano humidity levels consistent. This system provides care and maintenance for your piano’s internal parts, improved keyboard control, and enhanced pitch stability. 

For a description of the benefits of installing a piano humidifier and dehumidifier choose from the links below.


Piano Humidifier


Piano Dehumidifier

For Care and Maintenance instructions please download this file.

Piano Lifesaver System® Care and Maintenance
Care and Maintenance.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [41.9 KB]

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