Enjoy Your Piano Again
Enjoy Your Piano Again

2004 Kohler & Campbell KC-244M (44")

Serial # IJND 00286. Valued at $3,246. AMB Listing Price: $2,299. Rent this piano for $65/month with option to buy.  

6/22/17 - This piano is in excellent condition and is ready for its new home. It has a beautiful sound and has hardly been used.


7/18/17 - Today we brought this piano into the shop and will be shaping and voicing the hammers and tuning it to pitch. It is gorgeous and you really should come try it out.


2/18/18 - This piano is in tip top shape. The action has been regulated and it plays excellently.


5/2/20 - This piano is currently under contract and will be reposted when it becomes available again.

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