Enjoy Your Piano Again
Enjoy Your Piano Again


The most common calls we get are for tuning pianos. Many people do not realize just how quickly even a high quality piano can go out of tune.


Ideally your piano should be tuned twice a year. With regular tunings at six-month intervals you probably won't even notice your piano sounding bad. But to a trained ear it is beginning to drift out of tune. The most obvious benefit to twice a year tunings is you never have to endure the sound of an out of tune piano. Additionally keeping the piano this close to pitch will prevent needing to raise the pitch back to A440. Raising the pitch is more expensive  and causes unnecessary wear and tear to the piano. In short regular tunings will extend the life of your piano.


At very minimum your piano should be tuned once a year.


We offer several types of service calls:


Our basic tuning involves setting the piano to pitch and informing you of any problems we come accross in the process.


Our full-service tuning package includes: setting the piano to pitch, a full inspection to help avoid future problems, and minor adjustments or repairs (excludes removing the action or replacing parts). We will also tighten your bench bolts and pinblock screws, clean your key surfaces, and polish the piano's exterior.


We also offer basic or full-service pitch raises when the piano is more than ten cents flat. These include the same services listed above but include an extra tuning to stabalize the pitch. 

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Buying a piano? We offer thorough inspections for any piano. Know the value of the piano and cost of necessary repairs before you buy.

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