Enjoy Your Piano Again
Enjoy Your Piano Again

Our Services: Enjoy Your Piano Again

Our goal is to provide you with the very best service in the CSRA. We will treat you with the same honesty and respect that we desire. If you ever feel wronged by us please let us know so we can make it right to you.

Piano Care


Building on experience since 2002 and with hundreds of satisfied customers, we can give your piano the personal care that's right for you.


We offer basic and full-service tuning for any piano - from 9' Concert Grands to your antique upright that's been in the family for years. Our customers include professional musicians, students, business professionals, schools, universities, churches and concert venues.


We provide a complete range of piano repairs including sticking keys, key top replacement, broken strings, action repair, hammer replacement,  bench repair, and minor case repair.


If your piano just doesn't "feel" right call us to see if it may be in need of a regulation. Regulating a piano can give even an older piano a brand new feel.


We also offer appraisals for piano buyers and sellers.


We would be happy to provide you with further details about our services. Please contact us at 706 726-8074 or use our contact form.

Augusta Music Box

Buying a piano? We offer thorough inspections for any piano. Know the value of the piano and cost of necessary repairs before you buy.

Augusta Music Box

You can reach us at:

706 726-8074


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