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  • Jeff Newlin (Thursday, March 16 23 09:36 pm EDT)

    [amateur classical pianist] Nathan’s “passion” is piano technology. I know, because he told me so on the first appt. in 2018, and from the results we’ve achieved on my 2001 Mason&Hamlin BB - installing custom Ronson hammers & Arledge bass strings; expert voicing, regula-
    tion, & tuning. It now has exquisite tone, huge dynamic range, & flawless touch. It’s the piano of my dreams, & I’m not exaggerating. Nathan will help you get the utmost in your instrument, whatever your goals.

  • Lezettra Saunders (Friday, February 19 21 04:12 pm EST)

    Excellent service provided by Nathan. The best part is when plays the song at the end of the tuning. I highly recommend Augusta Music Box.

  • Phil Bondi (Friday, August 16 19 03:22 pm EDT)

    The Big Red Voicing Stick, or Big Red as I call it, is a valuable tool for any technician. It speeds up the process of shaping and/or voicing. Simple and effective. My kind of tool.

  • gyvonne pinkston (Saturday, September 10 16 01:51 pm EDT)

    Nathan provided prompt service, superb professionalism and careful attention to older model pianos that sound amazing now! Highly recommended! Thank you!

  • Katie Phelps (Thursday, June 18 15 07:04 pm EDT)

    Nathan did the repairs on my piano caused by the movers when I arrived in the area. Flexible and easy to work with, I would highly recommend him if you are looking for a skilled piano technician.
    Keeping him on to do the regular tuning and maintenance.

  • Crystal Su (Wednesday, June 04 14 12:26 am EDT)

    Excellent piano tuning! I have a Masters of Music in Piano Performance, and the tuning was "Music to My Ears."

    Competitive price for honest quality service. Highly recommended.

  • Tony Street (Tuesday, August 07 12 04:16 pm EDT)

    Nathan just finished tuning my wife's mother's Story & Clark piano, which had been tuned since 1983. He was polite and very knowledgeable about tuning and shared his faith with me.
    I would recommend him to anyone who has a piano that need "some help!"

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