Enjoy Your Piano Again
Enjoy Your Piano Again

Piano Care

The Augusta Music Box, INC is a Georgia Corporation owned by Nathan Mills, RPT. He has been tuning and repairing pianos in the CSRA since 2006. A piano is a delicate and valuable instrument and needs proper care to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment. As a registered piano technician, Nathan has studied how to provide quality care for all types of pianos through services listed below. The most important factors impacting a piano's health are temperature, humidity, and regular tunings.


The following link will take you to an article written by the Yamaha Corporation of America for first time piano buyers. Though your piano may not be brand new, this article explains the needs of a piano well. (In this article the term "Adjustment" is used in place of Regulation.)


Getting the most from your piano.

The following topics provide further information on the services we offer to help you experience total satisfaction when playing your piano.


We are not in the piano retail business, so if you need a piano appraisal, we can only give you a good idea of the cost of any repairs, and an estimated retail value of your piano. If you need a replacement value for an insurance policy we would need to refer you to a qualified piano dealer.

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Buying a piano? We offer thorough inspections for any piano. Know the value of the piano and cost of necessary repairs before you buy.

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