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Antique 85 Key Mathushek Studio Upright

Serial #18296 made in 1889. Valued at $8000 fully restored. Selling for $5800. To make an offer call Nathan: (706) 726-8074

6/11/2013 - This Antique piano is partially restored and I'm working on finishing the process. As it is now, the action has been partially rebuilt with new hammers and damper felts, along with some new hammer butts and damper levers. The action is very inconsistent and one of the hammers is missing. I will be replacing the defective action parts and regulating the action to make it play like new. The strings have been replaced and the piano is currently low in pitch. I will be raising the piano to A440 (concert pitch) and ensuring that the pinblock holds a steady tune. The case is beautiful, but there are some nicks and scratches on it that I will be refinishing to make it look "like new" again.

6/23/2014 - This piano is now raised to pitch and the missing hammer has been replaced. It tuned well and has a delightful scale with alot of power.

1/10/2016 - The beautiful piano has now been completely regulated and plays beautifully. All thas left is to touch up some of the case blemishes.

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